• SCR888 Free credit Close-up magic surprises again and again

    SCR888 Free credit Entertainment China News On July 6, yesterday, Hunan Satellite TV's world's top talent show "The Night of the Peak" aired the last breakout game. Popular singer Li Yuchun came to help as a flight guest so that the audience was full of boiling. Previously, with the "one second restore Rubik's Cube" successfully climbed the top ten fashion magician Deng Man on Weibo, this performance is still wonderful, not only Li Yuchun praised "too amazing", but also won the last ultimate Tickets for the peak festival, successfully advanced to the finals.


    Close-up magic surprises, again and again, Deng Man challenges Li Yuchun's "Poker Face"

    closer, the deeper the fan! Following the previous show "One Second Restore Rubik's Cube", this period of Deng Man once again brought a stunning close-up magic show. The show started, and there was only a rotating music box puppet in the middle of the stage. Doubtful Deng Man is riding a cool locomotive handsome appearance, the most surprising thing is that Deng Man actually changed the "cash machine" on the spot, not only can turn SCR888 Free credit the banknote into a bank card but also instantly put the bank card Turning it into a full box of money, the netizens shouted: "I want a magician friend like Deng Man, who can withdraw money online."


    The most magical place of the magic is often the interaction with the scene. During the show, Deng Man borrowed a hundred dollars from an audience, but when the audience wanted to “repay the money,” Deng’s man “naughty” hid the money in items such as lemon, eggs, and walnuts. After easily finding one hundred of his own, Deng Man turned this hundred seconds into "Wu Yi", and the judges who were SCR888 Free credit shocked shouted, "How to do it!" Even Li Yuchun, who has always been calm, can not help but stunned and change expression packs, even One I doubt their own IQ.


    The player’s identity once again on the stage “Ten Years” insisted on returning to the original heart.


    It is impressive that in the canvassing session with Han Yu’s battle, Deng Man performed the magic of a rope balloon, and the rope was broken a little bit and finally restored. Like a retrospective of his ten-year magic career, Deng Man said, “A decade ago, I started here as a player and flew for ten years. Today I once again stood on this stage as a player and let me find it again. My own heart, very emotional and very happy, the moments of experience here will be integrated into my life, become the most shining scene in my life!"


    As Deng said, ten years may be a snap But also left him with too many precious memories. From the transition of the host to the magician, Deng Man walked all the way through the thorns but always insisted on his choice. In front of the stage, he is the glamorous performer with his own light. Under the stage, he has to undertake multiple functions such as magic innovation, prop production and inspection, performance design and so on. In his view, only when there is no matter how close or intimate, it is possible to avoid mistakes SCR888 Free credit in performances as much as possible in order to be able to satisfy the audience's love and expectation.


    From David's evening show, popular variety show, to the creation of the Magic Salon show, to the Hollywood movie IP with the same name Magic Show National Tour, this persistent boy casts great concentration and enthusiasm on the magic, also let people watch It was the shining point that he was constantly being discovered.


    As the so-called "art without borders", CoCo Li Wei once commented on the stage that Deng Man "you belong to the international." For Deng Men, "Magic can make people find innocence and happiness, all in order to return to the original heart." And his initial heart is actually to spread happiness and spread love to the world. Let us look forward to one day in the future, Deng Men will bring more Chinese stories to the international stage!